Happiness No. 1

Happiness No. 1

By Binna Kim
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Happiness No. 1 (2020) - Emotions 19 Series by Binna Kim
24 x 18 inches / Pastels & Ink on paper

Sold with or without frame.  Frame is white with Museum Glass.  Please allow 3 weeks for framing.

In Binna Kim's artwork, particularly drawings, she aims to present a stimulating mixture of nature and a view from her vivid imagination.

Whether in colorful abstract works or visual interpretation of nature, the works demonstrate keen attention to the smallest detail in order to emphasize the depth of expression and emotive beauty of nature.  

This combination helps bring the audience to a different world, a stage for viewing scenery in an emotionally evocative way. 

While viewing the works, the artist's visual expression and interpretation by the audience merge and go hand in hand to evoke a memory, a passion, or a feeling unique to each of us.
Indeed, her works, whether it be detailed drawings or abstract paintings, aim to represent an exquisite, vivid and colorful emotional interpretation of nature's scenery.

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