Freistil 156 Dining Table Set

By Freistil
  • $3,894.00

Freistil by Rolf Benz from the Blackforest in Germany

156 Table Set Includes all the following:

  • Table (Choice of length)
  • 2 Benches (Length Respective to table)
  • 4 Bench Cushions (Choice of Fabric included below)
  • included in the variant is the price of the Ddning tables without benches

Much more than for their work ethic, asceticism, abstinence and their shaking dances, the Shakers are known for their furniture. They displayed a great degree of creativity in the making of furniture intended to be of the highest quality of craftsmanship – but without any adornments or unnecessary decorations. This consistently minimalist attitude inspired our designers when they began working on freistil 156.  In both the tables and benches, the visibly detailed craftsmanship is the only trace of decoration, with mortise and tenon joints where the legs meet the table top or bench seat, and transverse cross-frames lending support. These designs are a wonderful stand-out from the ordinary, monolithic heavyweights that dominate many homes, and they show us that solid wood and lightness are by no means a contradiction in terms! More generally, they reveal how furniture made in the Shaker tradition can communicate sensuousness and inspire us to celebrate.
/     Dining table 90 x 90 cm, table height 76 cm
/     Dining table 160 x 84 cm, table height 76 cm
/     Bench 84 x 36 cm, height 46 cm
/     Bench 160 x 36 cm, height 46 cm
/     Entire table solid oak, oiled and untreated H98
Cushions for range

/ Bench cushion: 36 x 36 cm

/ The cushions of 156 are only available in three covers: 7404, 7405 and 7406

/ Cushion available in different covers, see range freistil 198

/     The surface has to be re-oiled from time to time
/     Signs of wear can be eliminated by sanding and re-oiling.

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